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A Thousand Whispers

"A Thousand Whispers" is painted by the renowned nepalese contemporary artist Shashikala Tiwari. It was painted on 1992 and first exhibited in her solo exhibition "My Earth and Sky in Siddartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu in the same year.

This painting reflects the mother nature. It portraits birds, trees, rivers, hills and valley. The waterfall to the right of the painting and the birds give a dimension to the painting. She perfectly blends the colors of the hills with the colors of a blooming flower.

The following poem has been written by Wayn Amtzis for Shashikala Tiwari, the same poem has also been translated to Nepali by Mr. Manjul.

"A Thousand Whispers"

Thrown against the wall

Battered into the frame

What shoulders ease you down

And raise you

What hand thrusts to the heart

Brings forth such colour

I feel beneath the wings

Brushstrokes of some final cry

Yet you do allure

You hollow you hide you hunger

With the wind's caress

You let in the light

(Shades sent forth, body that sustains)

Is it the sea or the mountain crags

That keep you from us?

I see no difference

What rises from your felt forms

Is the mountain's voice itself

Ib battered stone

Soothed by touch

Leaves that will not fall

EVER, the heart's blood moist and thick

A thousand lips whispering


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