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Curio Concern Showroom

Newari community in Nepal is considered to be blessed with master craftsmanship, be it in stone, wood or metal. Shakyas are a sub sect of Newari community who have been creating and preserving different traditional arts and art forms.


A landmark in authentic and rare crafts and craftsmanship since last four decades Curio Concern opens its doors for the genuine appreciators of art and craft. It spreads before you a vast array of the finest creations of Tibetan, Bhutanese, and Nepalese works of art. Curio Concern houses the rarest and the largest collection of thangkas, carpets, furniture, idols, jewellery, ritual objects, etc. all available at one stop showroom to end your quest for the same. A collector’s paradise, Curio Concern offers you a timeless collection that is the be st in all respects, and everything that Nepal can give to the patrons of such craftsmanship.

Curio Concern Family


Curio Concern has limited number of staff but very efficient, helpful and reliable. Once you are handled by our workforce then you need not worry. We give you best quality assistance and support that is within our reach and complies with our company policies.


Our workshop includes the finest of the artists from Kathmandu and Patan. Each of the artists having experience for more than 15 years minimum in the field of handicraft.

Other than the employees in the showroom and workshop, Curio Concern outsources to various other artist in order to encourage the skill of art. Curio Concern have also been supporting upcoming artists in various ways possible.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Curio Concern is active in the field of social works and in the development of the society. It has been directly and indirectly supporting the community for development and betterment, to mention few please refer to the points below:

  • providing best possible financial support to various Religious centers, NGOs, Political parties and other organizations.

  • supporting a women empowerment NGO, by purchasing their cotton shopping bags, which we use it in our showroom.

  • supporting Durbar Marg Developement Board financially for the development of the Durbar Marg street as a whole.

  • financially supporting NGO Patan Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for differently-abled children

  • using Nepali lokta paper in order to promote Nepalese product. We print our visiting cards and bill pads in this paper. We even use it for our official envelope.

  • helped in the restoration of the Golden Temple of Patan

  • helped in the restoration of the Swyambhunath Temple (The Monkey Temple)

  • financial support for the development of the New Traffic Police Station at Durbar Marg (Sep 2013)


To mention few these are few of the activities that we are doing to make our community a better place to live in.




Curio Concern being a very liberal and a paternalistic organization, has very limited policies. We would never want our customers to feel that we have policies which would create a negative feelings. Policies for us are for the security of the goods and services that we provide. We would want to have the best business ethics and etiquette. We would not like to mention our general policies, as we would want to deal with the individual customers personally and deal with different problems in different ways. We would not want to seek one solution, the POLICY, in order to solve the problems of our valued customers.


Our only policy is ”Deal with different problems with different solutions, according to the state of the problem itself“.

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