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The Itilhane Samyak Mahadan

Patan one of the Kathmandu Valley's three kingdoms, celebrates the Samyak festival once in every four years to honour the Dipankara Buddha in Nagabahal, Patan. The same occurs in Kathmandu every 12 years and anually in Bhaktapur. This festival is also known as Dipankara Parva, this is a festival of an outstading practice of giving. The meaning of Samyak is the unity of all sentinent beings.

The Dipankara Buddha of the Golden Temple in Patan has said to invite all the other Dipankaras from in and around Patan areas that totals to approximately 126 Buddhas -- to join in this festival of alms-giving, which includes monetary donations, fruits, traditional sweets and anything that the devotee can offer to the Buddhas. The festival includes various other dieties like Arya Tara, Bodhisatvas, Avalokitesvara, Basundhara, along with Shakya and Bajracharya monks as per the Newari Tradition.

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