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Complete in Incompleteness

‘Complete in Incompleteness’ was acquired on the date of 9th February 2016, from the residence of the artist Mr. Samundra Man Singh Shrestha, but due to some personal and emotional reasons I had to let it go and hand it back to the artist.

The journey for the acquirement of this painting starts from India Art Fair 2016, New Delhi, India. The show was totally a new exposure for my wife Evleen and myself, as it exhibited modern and contemporary works of art. After going through the paintings exhibited in the show, we reached the Nepal Art Council booth #B14, where it felt like home as the art works reflected the current state of Nepal. As I entered the booth, this painting caught my eyes and the same moment I decided to acquire it, lets just say it was a scenario of a love at first sight.

We met Samundra dai in the booth on 30th Jan 2016, where we had a casual yet quality time with him and other artists over a cup of coffee. Samundra dai had three of his artworks displayed for the show; Awakening, Void and Complete in Incompleteness. With high enthusiasm and interest he explained us his works.

On the basis of the iconography, this painting depicts Amoghasiddhi with makara in the background and his consort Green Tara with flowers seated upon a lion throne. The painting has tones of green reflecting the colour significance of both dieties. Afore them is the offering of thirteen butter lamps. This painting is a very good example of mixed medium artwork of oil and acrylic colours.

The painting also depicts the discontentment and the feeling of incompleteness in peoples’ lives. People are never satisfied with what they have and are always in search for something more.

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